Teslimat Koşulları

Your orders will be delivered to cargo within 1-3 business days after bank approval is received.

In case of a mishap caused by us, you will be notified based on your membership information. Therefore, it is important that your membership information is complete and correct. Delivery is not made on holidays and holidays.

All of the products you have selected will be delivered to you by the cargo companies we have contracted with.

The products you have purchased will be notified to you with a confirmation e-mail. If any of the products you have selected is not available in stock, an e-mail will be sent to you and you will be notified of the date when the product will first enter the stocks. According to your request, the product that cannot be supplied may be canceled or your order may be held until the date when the product will be in stock.

In case of any problems you experience during the shipping process, if you contact us via musteri@jerf.com.tr, our Customer Service will help you to solve your problem as quickly as possible.