About Us


Jerf aims to offer comfortable, quality and accessible products that can be used in active sports life by using circular knitting technology, which is one of the latest technology production techniques.

This reason, it has designed models that will make the products feel original, natural and stylish while doing sports.

Today, Jerf is an international brand that produces its own production in its fully integrated facilities, exports its products to many countries of the world and has a place in the sector with its current and innovative collections with its 300-person experienced in circular knitting technology.

All Jerf designs, seamless patterns and is knitted in Istanbul office. Sewn and dyed in its own facilities. This treatment make us to control the entire process from development to packaging.

There are more than 80 Italian circular knitting machines in its facilities and the beginning of each product starts with the supply of yarns that will provide the best performance. That way thanks to our state of the art machines we get quality products that eliminate unnecessary seams, maximize mobility and offer the best performance in the activewear field.


We effectively ensure all social conditions in our facilities, and ensure that all our employees are in a safe working environment and that a fair wage policy is followed. At this stage, our facility and products are inspected by professional 3rd parties and institutions and we are tested in terms of health and quality.

Sedex has BSCI Higg Index, Oekotex100 manufacturer certificates.

One of the biggest pride sources of our brand, which is a pioneer in its sector with our quality products, has made it our goal to add environmentally sensitive product groups to its collection every year, and has made an active presence in its collections by making R&D investments in the field to follow and develop all innovations in this field. In the coming years, we aim to take place in these product groups with increasing models and innovative product groups.

Jerf works to produce less fabric waste and more efficient production by using circular knitting technology, and to produce all its products with high quality and close to perfection thanks to years of experience and technical sewing experience.